Haitians being sent to Australia by Presiden Bush

Paul Mathias - May 7 2007, 8:20 PM

Good day Mr. President:

I know that you are meeting with President Bush on Wednesday, May 8th. I don't know what your agenda will contain, but there is a hot topic, which I think you might need to be informed about.

President Bush recently entered an agreement with the President of Australia to send all the Haitian refugees to Australia and take in return all the African refugees from Australia.

Mr. President, as a Haitian myself, I am asking that you address this issue with Mr. Bush. It would be best for the Haitians to be sent back to Haiti or Canada, but not Australia.

Please, address this issue as it concerns us all as a nation.

Those Haitians being sent to Australia might very well be enslaved or even killed without anyone knowing anything about them. Mr. President, you are our voice and our hearts are crying out very loud. We hope that you take into consideration this extremely important issue and do what needs to be done. I thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter and my the Lord Jesus touch your life and that your family.

Thanks in advance.

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Nunu says...

why do some us live our life in fear; that's side effect 1915 lelf the haitian with fear that's is remind of 1915 fear... more »

Dave Fidel says...

Paul, You must be delusional, I'm from the Haitian Community in Australia and if I wasn't such a nice guy I'd take... more »