Rene Preval The Agronomist

Samuel Frederique - May 7 2007, 1:53 PM

I'm please to read your comment, I believe through positive encouragement and positive feedback, the long process to rebuild Haiti is possible.

We have young talents in the State who have the ability to give time and effort to our mother land, but it has to be recognize.

Haiti has been blacklist from the world super economic power after France has requested for Haiti to pay over $12 billion in restitution for the lost of revenue after the revolt of the slaves over 200 yrs ago. Haiti debt ratio is very high for foreign investment.

We have a duty as Haitian to promote positive reinforcement to all, boost the self-esteem of our population, promote literacy within our home, promote quality early childcare, promote writting/print awareness, provide vocational training to all men and woman, promote science, promote independent reading center, promote social studies, promote an agronomist/farmers coalition program through the diaspora by sending free tools and seeds twice a year to encourage the agriculture industry it will slowdown the exodus.

Lastly, you do the crime you paid the time through workforce.

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