You are right, this is stupid, will not answer any more blogs...

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You are right, this is stupid, will not answer any more blogs after this one. on this issue.

The Obama reference was to his MOTHER.

Since a blogger said that basically Mulatoes were whores because the slept with the French.

Such a widely held view and sooo old. Even African-Americans repudiated that ancient sociological view. Mulattoes are just Mulattoes, you know: This is just a genetic combination.

not a national one. If I were you, I would not be so quick to defend the Dominicans.

Are not you aware of what they are doing to your people in DR?...Does Sonia Pierre ring the bell?, How about Haitian child slavery, Sugar cane slave cutters (Haitians) The worst part is that it continues from one generation to the next - No way out -
Why don't you spend some of your energy defending the Haitian-Dominicans?

For your information: Colonizers, HISTORICALLY SHARED common mentality: They are TAKERS.

Throughout the Caribbeans-south-central America, yes including Cuba still, The upper crust is from the old colonizers and Haiti is not any different.

UNITED STATES of AMERICA is the only Country so far with somewhat greater upward social mobility.

The point is all of you who are yelling down with the Mulattoes are not EVEN looking for change.

You just want political chaos.

You want immediate gratification.

HAITI's well being is the furthest thing from your mind....This is so damn SAD!!!

Bernadette S, March 23 2010, 5:37 PM


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Caroline, 22-Mar-10 11:47 pm
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Hans, 23-Mar-10 11:44 am
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Hans, 23-Mar-10 12:10 pm
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Bernadete S., 23-Mar-10 4:22 pm
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Cassandra, 23-Mar-10 4:43 pm
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Cassandra, 23-Mar-10 4:52 pm
You are right, this is stupid, will not answer any more blogs after this one. on this issue. The Obama reference was... read more >
Bernadette S, 23-Mar-10 5:37 pm
Why don't you shut the yell up? Haitians are in the Dominican Republic because your elites cannot create jobs for... read more >
Cassandra, 23-Mar-10 5:52 pm
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Hans, 25-Mar-10 12:24 pm
I am an American Haitian the reason I say Haitian is because my parents are from Haiti. I was born in New York. I just... read more >
Herve Laguerre, 21-Jun-10 3:38 pm
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