Hi mimose: If you were you I would pick a different topic...

Rft - March 23 2010, 3:56 PM

Hi mimose: If you were you I would pick a different topic since the Duvalier's crimes against the Haitian people is well researched and documented already.

But if you insist, the internet is not a research tool but a pool of whatever people want to say about anything.

A good start is elizabeth abbott in " an insider's history of the rise and the fall of the Duvaliera" followed by Al Burt "PaPa Doc" and finished with Patrick Lemoine " Fort Dimanche Fort La Mort".

For more details go to your college library and pull the New York Times on film and do a general search of articles about Haiti and politics published between " October 1957 and February 1986".

You should be set.
Good luck.


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