Race And Reconciliation In America by William and Janet Langhart Cohen

Jean-baptiste Lambert - March 21 2010, 12:15 PM

While you are so passionnate on this blog about who will become the next president of Haiti, productive people are discussing relevant topics to make their country look better.

Why don't we talk about relevant topics to make Haiti looks a better a country for all?

The Haitian presidency is not the answer to our economic social ills in Haiti.

We also have a race issue in Haiti where darker skin people means poverty and the darker skin one is in Haiti the lower one will be placed in the Haitian social hierarchy.

Throughout our history, dark skin Haitians were subjected to slavery under mulattoes and French White people.

Both of these people own dark skin black people.

Blacks were property of the mulattoes and the White people as well. It is time to remember those stuffs.

Many of us will say this: Get over it and move on, for it is history, but one thing I would love to say is that we are living history on a daily basis.

Light skin people own everything in Haiti and they keep all dark skin people in abject poverty to make them look inferior, that is history and how can I forget that?

The light skin elites of Haiti let the United States tarnish Haiti's images all over the world and they are happy with that. Light skin elites of Haiti allow Hollywood to create all kinds of movie to denigrate Voodoo, a local sacred religion in Haiti without protesting.

The light skin elites are accomplices in all those bad image projections of Haiti throughout the world.

Right now, Africans from the poorest countries in Africa feel superior to us due to the fact CNN with Anderson Cooper states that Haiti is the poorest country on earth.

On CNN we saw the pictures of all 8 poorest suburbs of Haiti and not the pictures of the other 13 wealthy suburbs of Port-Au-Prince that makes the Port-Au-Pce Metro Area. We saw the images of Cite Soleil, Cite Liberte, Cite Carton, Carrefour Feuilles, Cite Liberte, Cite L'Eternel, Titanyin Carrefour, and partly Canapevert and Delmas, but what about Laboule, Furcy, Ganthier, Kenskoff, Montagne Noire, Peguyville, Ti-Rocher, Bellevue, Montagne Noire, Thomassin, Canapevert, Petionville (the whole Petionville) that were not shown on CNN and other U.S. Media?

Janet Langhart Cohen states this: "They made us subhumans and inferior to justify their notion of Christian enslavement." Who are they?

White Christian people in America.

In Hispaniola, they were mulattoes and white Christian Europeans.

Slavery still exists in Haiti with the light skin elites of Haiti that consider Haiti as an internal colony for them and they will never develop or let Haiti develop as a colony.

Do we need to reconcile with the Haitian elites like Blacks in America are asking for race reconciliation in America?

Should we fight through a total rebellion for our own and total liberation?

What should we do?

Should we accept this internal colonization as a normal fact of Haitian life?

Do we just need to forget and let them consider us as piece of crop?

Do we still need to stay at the bottom level of the Haitian social hierarchy after 206 years of that stupid independence that benefits only the new masters of the Haitian society- the light skin elites of Haiti.

We need to think about all that, for the Haitian presidency alone will not solve our problems.

We are very divided than ever, for the new masters of Haiti know how to divide us and keep us in misery and suffering.

We are socially brainwashed to accept this internal colony that keeps perpetuating inequality, injustice and abject poverty as normal facts of life. We are socially brainwashed to condemn outsiders while forgetting the destructive works of our internal insiders.

We are socially brainwashed to condemn former presidents or former public employees for our social economic ills while forgetting the insiders' works.

We must do something to remove oppression and violence in Haiti, otherwise we will be condemned to repeat past errors...

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