Shame on you when you say "Preval should leave and the...

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Shame on you when you say "Preval should leave and the international community should take the lead." Preval is a good president.

Haiti was showing signs of progress before the earthquake.

Therefore, Preval should remains to finish the job. Regarding the professional parasite like mews, and other, I agree they should leave.The US, France,Canada, Italy or Syria should send their airplane to evacuate them.

Eddy Zamor, March 20 2010, 1:37 AM

Topic: Pospone Presidendial election at least for 6 years

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Souffrant, you will suffer more if Preval has to remain in power. You are suffering of Preval's mismanagement of... read more >
Tirouj, 19-Mar-10 9:18 pm
Shame on you when you say "Preval should leave and the international community should take the lead." Preval is a good... read more >
Eddy Zamor, 20-Mar-10 1:37 am
Preval is not even on list of the worst governments in the world. Preval is on list of The worse of the worst... read more >
Tiba, 20-Mar-10 8:25 am
You don't know why the tents are not in Haiti yet. I would like to see you on Preval's shoes to see if you could get... read more >
Bobby, 20-Mar-10 9:33 am
Bobby, That's too bad! nobody ever said that being president was an easy task, but Preval chose to make that decision... read more >
Tiba, 20-Mar-10 10:37 am
Haitians are good at criticizing others, but when it is time to ask them to act, you will not hear from them anymore... read more >
Marseille Sem Calixte, 20-Mar-10 4:22 pm
Haiti does not need election now. The haitian people has two options: Either he accepts Preval for another period or... read more >
Kiki, 20-Mar-10 11:03 pm
Kiki se bon zouti I need your phone number for a 2020 session with you. We will explore concept how to put a satellite... read more >
Bon Zouti, 21-Mar-10 1:40 am
Bon Zouti, I thank you so much for your invitation. But I would like to ask you how can we talk about putting... read more >
Kiki, 21-Mar-10 9:53 pm
You may disagree with me, but Haiti does not have a president problem. The international should take over Haiti for 20... read more >
Jean-marie P. Levaillant, 22-Mar-10 12:59 am
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