The time of the truce is over

Paul G. Magloire - March 20 2010, 12:56 AM

"The time of the truce is over"


(Translation: Courtesy of MORN)

Immediately after the earthquake of January 12, 2010, which killed over 200,000 people, destroyed more than 250,000 houses, public and private buildings and other damages estimated in total at nearly 10 billion dollars, ALTERNATIVE found it necessary to enter into a period of political truce in order to avoid hampering the efforts of those in power in the organization of relief to the victims, but more importantly in order to create an atmosphere of cooperation, to demonstrate the unity of all of the sectors of the society, political, economic, social and cultural, necessary to overhaul the state and to begin the country's reconstruction.

Faced with the situation of calamity in which the earthquake of January 12 left the country, ALTERNATIVE believed and still believes that the interests of the Haitian people must come first.

ALTERNATIVE hoped that the current leaders of the government would become so conscientious of the situation that they would pursue a policy whose objective would be to serve, to straighten out the country's situation and meet the needs of victims.

They unfortunately made the choice of getting bogged down in harmful administrative practices, cronyism and dirty tricks that angers the population.

More than two months after the disaster, just like every segment of the population, ALTERNATIVE notes that the primary people in charge of the country do not exhibit the means, nor the will nor the capacity to define and carry out actions that correspond to the seriousness of the situation resulting from the earthquake.

Before the arrival of international aid, the people took care of themselves and took charge to remove the survivors and the dead from the rubble.

Today, it is still the population, without the help of the supervisory authorities, who organizes its survival in difficult conditions, even subhuman, huddled in makeshift camps, under the hot sun and torrential rains.

It's still the same population, in towns not affected by the earthquake, that is welcoming their displaced families and friends, doing so without any real support from the government, in spite of their extremely precarious socio-economic situation.

Given the government's inability to organize the distribution of international aid, it is still and always the same people, who in their commitment and spirit of solidarity, organized in total calmness for the appropriation of supplies.

In the context of the earthquake, the compatriots living abroad have put forth more and more efforts in order to help their families.

ALTERNATIVE wishes to congratulate them. It wants to take this opportunity to extend its thanks to Haitians and foreigners living in Haiti and around the world for their solidarity with the victims of the disaster.

ALTERNATIVE also thanked the international community, particularly the Dominican Republic, the United States of America, Cuba, Canada, France, EU, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, Taiwan, Japan and China.

ALTERNATIVE wants to further take this opportunity to express its solidarity to the people of Chile that has been struck in less than two weeks by two earthquakes of major magnitudes.

ALTERNATIVE wants the Chilean nation to know that the Haitian people are sharing its suffering.

The irresponsible behavior of the country's leaders, two months after the earthquake that hit Port-au-Prince, Pétion-Ville, Delmas, Carrefour, Croix des Bouquets, Gressier, Léogane, Jacmel, Grand-Goâve, Petit Goâve and to a lesser extent Miragôane, greatly angers ALTERNATIVE.

Also ALTERNATIVE has decided to end the political truce and asked President Préval and his henchmen to stop abusing the patience of the population.

The truce is over, because despite all the aid received by the country, 163 million from the Petro-Caribe fund have been spent under the same conditions as the $ 197 million disbursed after the hurricanes of 2008, while the majority of the victims do not even have tents, food and clothing.

The truce is over because, the government, by closing its eyes and letting the criminals escape from prison the day of the quake, continued to leave the field wide open for the bandits to pillage and burn, with impunity, the shops in downtown Port - au-Prince, spared by the disaster.

The truce is over, because ALTERNATIVE does not understand why some foreign NGOs have had the ability to do what they want, as they want, with aid allocated to the victims.

The truce is over, because government officials have no right to decide by themselves with their friends to initiate discussions with the international community to rebuild the country, without any form of consultation with the organized sectors of society.

The truce is over, because in light of the dire situation in the country after January 12, it is inconceivable that the elections are the focus of the government, although nothing has been done to assist school principals, presidents of universities, professors, students and pupils of different cities destroyed, abandoned to their fate.

After the presentation on January 26, 2010 of its 16 recommendations relating to the management of the humanitarian aid, reconstruction and governance post-disaster, ALTERNATIVE in its press conference on Tuesday, February 23, 2010, stated that elections are not possible right now in Haiti.

Logically, it is necessary to:

-prioritize emergency measures, allowing victims to have access to shelters in safe areas,

-establish a special fund to recapitalize small and medium-sized businesses affected by the earthquake,

-create jobs and thus provide to the affected population the means to be rehabilitated by recovering its dignity.

The disappointment resulting from the revolting attitude of government leaders, mired in corruption, causes ALTERNATIVE to ask the population to prepare to respond to the calls for mobilization in order to get the country from under the rubble of the harmful policies of René Préval.

Today, the Haitian population lives under the threat of two (2) disasters.

One is the result of 12 January earthquake with the constant concerns of new aftershocks.

The other is the perversion of politics, under the auspices of President Préval.

The international press and the U.S. State Department denounced the corrupt nature of this government.

The same government, without any decency, which seeks to use the suffering of the population to continue measured elections proceedings, initiated before the earthquake, with a CEP maligned, considered partisan and already favorably bent to the dictate of the party in power.

The government leaders are doing all of this, in order to continue to divert public funds and the funds of international aid, despite the fact that more than two hundred thousand (200 000) children, women and men lost their lives in the disaster of January 12.

ALTERNATIVE said no. Enough!!! We must all prepare to participate in the mobilization necessary to get the country from under the policy rubble of President Préval; this is the call of ALTERNATIVE, in order to reshuffle the cards.

Peyi a gen Altenativ! It is our belief

Port-au-Prince March 16, 2010

The Executive Committee:

Rosny Smart

Victor Benoit

Edgard Leblanc

Serge Gilles

Paul Evans

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