did preval flee to the dominican republic the day after the earthquake

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Our beloved fearless leader was seen in the airport on the 13th of Jan being interviewed by Dr Gupta f CNN where he Stated " my palace is destroyed my own house is destroyed I too am homeless".

He was not heard from again until two days. It was reported in the Dominican times, Jn 14th that he entered into the dominican city of Santiago meanwhile the dominican president was on his way to Hiti where he was acting as the President of haiti.

On the 14th of Jan CNN reported that the State Department could not reach the haitian president.Our fearless leader had fled leaving the populace to fend for itself
This is our leader.

As for the rest of the of the government, they were all missing for at least a week.

Mr. Preval should, in any functional State, be empeached and prosecuted for treason and grose dereliction of duty.

I am not trying to be funny in any way. To allow these people to continue in any leadership position in Haiti Speak volume of people of Haiti.

Keep in mind that this is the same man that lifted the state of emergency in haiti making it more difficult to get medicins to those many masses who will son be dying of infections, disease, and hunger.

How does he justify this?

He clain that he is taking this action in order to p
protect local production.

If taken at face value one would applaud Mr. preval for trying to salvage the economy but the simple truth is that Just about everytin in haiti is imported so there is no lacal production to protect.

However there the the mercantile group that imports al the food stuff to be sold in haiti they have not been able to sell their rice and stuff.

so it seem that mr. Preval main concern is with those merchants who main goal is to gouge tha haitian people.

It is my opinion and belief that the many resultant deaths that will occur in the near future due to massive infections, disease, and hunger will the fault of President Preval andthe and members ofhis government should be held accountable.

Eduj, March 19 2010, 10:48 PM

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