Are Haitians Bare Life People In The Caribbean Region?

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While reading this Haitian political blog, I have realized that Haitians are very divided and most of those bloggers have nothing good to offer to advance Haiti's political and economic agenda.

The question that comes to my mind is this: Are Haitians Naked Life People in the Caribbean Region?

Naked Life or Bare Life people means unproductive people that are left to die without being noticed by any other world governments in the world.

The opinions expressed all throughout this blog show and demonstrate that Haitians reason like a first grader in any advanced societies.

This blog is filled with many first graders and their writings prove that Haitian political leaders need to emphasize more on education than any other things in Haiti.

Haitians need to take their destiny at hand to end internal colonization from their own economic elites before they attack the international community.

I would love someone to argue about the economic production of Haiti and demonstrate that Haitians are not unproductive people.

Are there differences between Haitians and other unproductive people such as Lazy Mexicans, Native Americans and African Americans in America?

Are Haitians divided or am I making up this argument?

John Adams Smith, March 19 2010, 8:52 PM

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