Is President Rene Garcia Preval Being Pushed To Commit Suicide?

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I think President Rene Garcia Preval must be put under suicide watch as soon as possible.

There are vital signs certain very important elements in - or link to - that MINUSTAH obviously wish it to happen very fast. They freed the detainees and the killings have resumed at their behest.

Lavaud Hold Desmoulins, a/k/a The C.R.J.
The Great King is coming

Lavaud Hold Desmoulins, March 19 2010, 4:30 PM

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Re you nuts? Preval is among the strongest and well balanced presidents Haiti ever had. Few other presidents will be... read more >
Nemours, 19-Mar-10 5:03 pm
We should be lucky. Idiot and cowards have no honor. read more >
Eduj, 19-Mar-10 10:52 pm
It Takes One to Know One. I am sure you are making a projection of yourself on Preval. No Preval is not in your... read more >
Piastin, 20-Mar-10 1:10 am
Piastin and Dr. Feel Bad Your dialect is one way. I advise you not to change it. Because of your vile behavior, your... read more >
I Am The One You Fear, 23-Mar-10 9:10 pm
It is very important. There's possible suicide. The Dark Knight The Great King is coming read more >
The Dark Knight, 25-Mar-10 10:08 am
Good Riddance I will share no tear read more >
Antonioj, 25-Mar-10 12:43 pm


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