Listen, there is a possibility from Cap-Haitian by crossing...

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Listen, there is a possibility from Cap-Haitian by crossing Fort Liberte and Ouanaminthe known by the Dominican Republic as Juana Mendez to Dajabon to build an international highway and it is feasible.

If you know your Haitian map, it will be feasible.

Listen, this is not the time for hatred and I want all Haitians to stop accusing each other and understand the root causes of our misery and suffering if we want really some changes for this colonial country.

Haiti known by Dessalines, Christophe and Petion was better than this current Haiti.

It is the worst internal colony ever and we must change our mentality and the elites that are governing us for a better country.

I will need the support of non-hatred Haitians to promote my cause to serve all Haitians.

Coup D'etats, political divisiveness and harsh criticisms alone cannot help Haiti develop its tribal economy.

We need good programs and good governance to make all Haitians feel proud and belong to this country.

We need all Haitians wherever they are living to promote changes in Haiti.

My brother, I am living you with this: Tout Ayisyen se Ayisyen pou mwen and there is no place for hatred, coup d'etats and political divisiveness into my campaign.

Mr. Magloire, March 10 2010, 7:02 PM

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Paul G. Magloire, I applaud your courage for sharing this letter with us and put a little light on the deplorable... read more >
Tiba, 10-Mar-10 8:34 am
Magloire, 10-Mar-10 12:02 pm
Tiba and Linda I completely agree with yon. Preval is the worst president Haiti ever had. He not only as you... read more >
Aba Tout Salop Bloggers, 10-Mar-10 5:31 pm
Mr. Magloire, Thank you for your post, but I believe that you would do a great service to other bloggers and readers... read more >
Aba Tout Salop Gnbist, 10-Mar-10 5:53 pm
Magloire, You have got to be kidding. You cannot talk in the both sides of your mouth. Din't you just show your... read more >
Tiba, 10-Mar-10 6:31 pm
Listen, there is a possibility from Cap-Haitian by crossing Fort Liberte and Ouanaminthe known by the Dominican... read more >
Mr. Magloire, 10-Mar-10 7:02 pm
They just comunicated me your IP address and I will find you pretty soon. I am taking notes of all your allegations... read more >
Mr. Magloire, 10-Mar-10 7:09 pm
How is Preval the worst president ever? How can you justify the murders he committed during his presidency? Your heart... read more >
Carolle, 10-Mar-10 7:32 pm
Mr. Magloire, I am being investigated by your restaveks? Are you trying to intimidate me, or are you just... read more >
Tiba, 10-Mar-10 7:43 pm
Your brain is filled with hatred and lies and you cannot produce good thoughts. You need to renounce to hatred and... read more >
Mr. Magloire, 10-Mar-10 7:54 pm
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