Making Haiti a viable nation again

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The devastation caused by the recent earthquake has excesabertated the many problems of Haiti.

Before this tragedy, however, I have thought about the state of your country and whether there were concrete plans afoot with the auspices of the UN to reverse the misfortune that Haiti has suffered over the decades and to make your nation a viable one again.

The problems of Haiti are many and fixing them cannot be done without the awareness of the populace.

First there is the issue of a limited and degraded landspace.

There is the ever increasing population pressure.

There is the high illiteracy rate.
There is the issue of high unemployment
There is the issue of inadequate and affordable energy resources for the general population
There is the issue of material to build affordable and safe shelter for the general population.

There is the issue of feeding the nation without relying on foreign donor for continued sustenance.

All the above issues must be worked on together.

Most importantly, the population must be made aware of the relationship between the limitation of the landspace and the continued pressure place upon it by an unsustainable population growth.

If the above issues are not tackled and the relationship between the environment and the population growth is not made known to its people, then I worry for the fate of Haiti.

I do hope, however, that much effort will be made so that the lives of the people will be improved during and after reconsturction.

Will, March 10 2010, 1:15 PM

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