Paul G. Magloire, I applaud your courage for sharing this...

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Paul G. Magloire,

I applaud your courage for sharing this letter with us and put a little light on the deplorable living condition of our people and our country.

As Linda and I have been said all along, Preval is the most disgusting, the most disgraceful, the most incompent, and the most mediocre president of the 21st century.

Personally, I think of Preval as the evil of Haiti.

Unfortunately, Paul, I am afraid to tell you that these presidents and pime ministers you have addressed to may be laughing their hearts out reading your letter as they are all Preval's and those before Preval co-conspirators for Haiti's down falls and failures.

They want Haiti to be in this condition and remain in this condition for ever.

Personally, I had concerns about Port-Au-Prince's spwall for as long as I can remember, and I am not a Haitian official and never have been. I had always called to decentralize P-A-P. I never like Port-Au-Prince and that's why I never like to spend any extended time in P-A-P due to its congestion.

I applaud and admire what your ministerial office was trying to do to decentralize P-A-P, but I think it was the wrong strategy even though your heart and and good intention were in the right place.

The technology creation/upgrading was indeed a good course of action but that would not encourage a population who can barely read with no technology skills and curiousity to leave P-A-P bounding to other parts of the country.

The only incentive that would have people leaving P-A-P in big number and quick to other parts of the country would be "JOBS" and nothing else.

If there was a competent government that could provide the leadership, they would have encourage investments, factories, companies, etc...


to base in Cap-Haitian, Gonaives, Cayes, etc. etc...

and that would indeed have people to leave the capital city. Job opportunities is THE only alternative to have the Haitian people to do anything, and to move from point A to point B anytime you want to. The government and Haitian leaders must understand a very important premise about the people of Haiti, and that is, they keep moving around in the pursuit of job opportunities and nothing else. They will gravitate always where the jobs are.

For the longest time, Linda and I have been complanning about Haiti being a welfare state.

The fact of the matter is, no country can, nor will ever be able to progress while receiving only "charity from other countries." If I were anything in Haiti, I would get all of these charity organizations out of the country and demanding that Haiti enjoys the rights to commerce and trade with the rest of the owrld like any other country.

Haitians need to get their dignity and their integrity back.

Paul, with all due respect, there is one teeny tiny observation in your letter that somewhat buffles me and I am asking for a little explanation if you can. You mentioned about your office, when you were minster of interior, and your government building roads to connect Cap-Haitian with Dominican Republic, and I am wondering how could that be possible since Cap-Haitian location is not near/close to Dominican Republic in any way shape and form?

Did you mean connecting Cap-Haitian and Dominican Republic by air traffic of some sort?

I really welcome what you had to say with open arms, and I hope you can become the leader Haiti has so long for to rally the Haitian people together to 1) fight Preval's evil intentions and stop him from taking any part of the rebuilding of Haiti if there is going to be one, and 2) stop Preval from staying in power under any circumstance.

Preval must go pronto using every means necessary.

Paul don't be a stranger!

Tiba, March 10 2010, 8:34 AM

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