Here I am sitting in the office, feeling demoralized from...

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Here I am sitting in the office, feeling demoralized from getting stood up over the weekend by a beautiful woman, I am hungry, and feeling nauxious at the same time, but I still find the energy laughing my but off from reading these moronic, idiotic, nonsense comments about homosexuality.

Linda, could you please save your energy and stay away from arguing with these brain dead, intellectual bankrupt morons?

I guarantee you, your intellectual capacity will go straight down the drain arguing with a bunch of radical, extremist, ignorant monkeys who have completely no idea of what they're talking about.

Just suggesting that homosexual is thaught and fabricated by the Americans would be enough for you to realize that these stupid, ignorant creatures are not worth a response from the caveman let alone from you.

I never new there were people teaching others how to become gays and lesbians.

I really did not know the American doctors were injecting anti-chromosone into new born babies to turn them into gays and lesbians either.

This is the first time I've heard that.

These intellectually bankrupt morons are more lethal than AIDS & Terrorism, and they must be avoided at all cost. They are lost souls!

May the good Lord have mercy on their rotten souls.

Tiba, March 8 2010, 9:29 AM

Topic: L'Agenda Cache Derriere Le Seisme: Homosexualite et Maladies

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Linda, 8-Mar-10 12:29 am
You are a lesbian and you want homosexuality to be spread in Haiti. Shame on you morone. You have no sense of decency... read more >
Paulette, 8-Mar-10 12:56 am
OOOOK, I should have realized that I was dealing with a crazy. So long. read more >
Linda, 8-Mar-10 1:17 am
A lesbian in the closet will stay lesbian forever. You cannot hide yourself Linda. I will call you tomorrow and I will... read more >
Carline P. St-surin, 8-Mar-10 1:56 am
no. let her stay in the closet. The good news is not that Linda will be coming out but that the American military is... read more >
Bob, 8-Mar-10 2:46 am
Here I am sitting in the office, feeling demoralized from getting stood up over the weekend by a beautiful woman, I am... read more >
Tiba, 8-Mar-10 9:29 am
Bob, Can you please shut the hell up. Who cares the American military left Haiti? Since when the Americans use to do... read more >
Tiba, 8-Mar-10 9:45 am
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