RE: Jean-Max Bellerive And NGOs' Complaints

Linda Alcindor Says...

You are right, but what can we do?

With them Haiti became the NGOs' Republic of the world.

They should not get a dime. We have all those uncontrolled NGOs because of their bad governance.

We should unite ourselves to help Haiti, for those morons will not help Haiti..

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You Are Right, But What Can We Do? With Them Haiti Became The NGOs' Republic Of The World. They Should Not Get A Dime. We Have All Those Uncontrolled NGOs Because Of Their Bad Governance. We Should Unite Ourselves To... Linda Alcindor 03/08/2010
Jocelyn, I Completely Agree That The Preval Government Should Not Get A Cent. However, I Worry That Most Of The Money Is Still Going To Go In The Hand Of A Small Elite Group And Leave Nothing For The 85% Of The Poor... Linda 03/08/2010
I Agree With You That The Government Should Not Get A Penny From The Donations Made To The NGOs. But Let's Clear A Couple Of Things Up. 1 - Total Humanitarian Aid To Haiti Is About 700 Million Dollars So Far 2 - Haiti... Yeswecan 03/06/2010
I Concur With You. Metayer Jean Olibrice 03/06/2010
I Agree With You. They Should Not Give Them A Dime. We Should Kick Them Out. Lambert P. Calixte 03/06/2010