Developing a comprehensive development plan for Haiti

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The reconstruction of Port au Prince, other damaged cities, the rural community and the controlled expansion of non-damaged areas should be th subject of a holistic national development plan for Haiti.

This will only be achieved effectively if it is driven by the Haitian people, in their best interests and includes all the stakeholders including government, business, investment and aid agencies but mainly the people of Haiti.

We are a UK consruction NGO advocating that such a strategy be developed and adopted at the earliest opportunity.

Robert Muir, March 7 2010, 6:24 AM

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Actually we need all countries to help and Haitians cannot do alone those tasks. I have detected an hidden division... read more >
Mireille, 7-Mar-10 12:22 pm
I am not suggesting that Haiti should develop these plans alone just that the Haitian people take ownership of them... read more >
Robert Muir, 7-Mar-10 1:47 pm
Now I understand you and we can work together. Haitians need to be intelligents to understand the conspiracy... read more >
Mr. Lambert, 7-Mar-10 3:29 pm
Sorry, Mr. Lambert: "Maringwen ap vole, nou pa kon ni sa-k mal, ni sa-k femel." We will not blindly accept everybody... read more >
Benoit T. Battraville, 8-Mar-10 6:06 am


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