Jeanrobert Bastien, Thanks, man! just as I expected you would...

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Jeanrobert Bastien,

Thanks, man! just as I expected you would do even though I specifically asked you not to.

This is exactly a prime example of my frustration and anoyance with some members on this blog which causes them to have a big beef with me. Haitians like to hear themselves talk and they are very good in making no sense whatsoever in what they are saying.

And why is that?

(Maybe not you Jeanrobert) it is because many of them are so much in a hurry to cursing and insulting the writer of the post, therefore, they don't take the time to read the message to comprehend thoroughly the content of the message which causes them, often times, to be way off the subject.

If your message was about apples they responded and talking about oranges.

Haitians seem to have a real problem to stay in focus.

First of all, Jeanrobert, I asked you to please give me the meaning of "cngp and gsp" and you chose to talk about a bunch of things that really don't make any sense to me whatsoever.

It was a straight forward request.

Second, I asked you to please give us some hardcore evidence/proof and examples that suggests Preval is making any progress at all in Haiti, and again, you chose to avoid the question and keep talking about things that make no sense to me whatsoever.

Can people please try their best to stay in message.

Everybody would make much sense if they manage to stay in focus.

Respond and comment directly to the content of the post.

I am also asking to everyone to stop lecturing me about Haiti's history, I know quite a bit about Haiti's history because I was born in Haiti, grew up in Haiti and went to school in Haiti too. I do know a lot about my native country.

And also stop accusing me of defending the elite, the bourgeois, the Haitian uper class, and the government because there has never been one time when I ever said anything in support of these people.

Please take time to read and to understand the content of my posts or any other post before you respond and start attacking, cursing, and insulting the writer.

If you claim to be intelligent and educated then this is your opportunity to prove it to yourself, to your fellowmen, and to the world.

Tiba, March 6 2010, 1:05 PM

Topic: President Preval won't step down!

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