Haiti: Meaning of CNGP and GSP

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The meaning of CNGP is: conseil national de gouvernement provisoire and GSP: Gouvernement de salut publique

Presidential election is not necessary for now in Haiti due to so many problems and controversy that the country is confronting.

How can you ask a people who lives in the misery to cast its vote out?

especially to choose a new President!

They don't have yet the piece of mind to be able to make the right choice.

That's why I said to live Haiti alone because they're living a difficult time for now and it's better for the parliament to act, enough is enough and I'm sick and tired of you guys who are fighting but in the wrong direction where the illetrates hate the letrate and the poors go against the rich people:

Jesus himself when he was on earth did not change that, instead he was talking about his kingdom only him can change the economic system of the haitians people.

A bon entendeur:salut and stop fighting each other it's a wrong strategy.

Let's see together how things can work out:

From Boston Massachusetts,
jeanRobert Bastien.

Jeanrobert Bastien, March 6 2010, 10:26 AM

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