Jean-Max Bellerive and NGOs' Complaints

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Jean-Max is complaining because the international community refuses to give them the money they raised on behalf of the earthquake victims in Haiti.

I am glad that they do not give one dime of this money to the Haitian government.

If the Preval government feels so frustrated about the 2.2 billion dollars collected they could resign and form a provisional government to deal with the crisis as claimed by Manigat and other political leaders.

I do not like regime change like that, for Haitian problems got never solved with those regime changes in Haiti.

What did they do with the 550 million dollars that the Swiss Bank delivered to Haiti before the earthquake?

That money came from Duvalier's stolen funds.

What did they do with the $197 million and another $225 million dollars that the U.S. government delivered to them to finance economic project developments in Haiti before the earthquake?

They should explain to the Haitian people where those funds went before they complain about money donation raised on behalf of Haiti.

They are the ones responsible for making Haiti an NGOs Republic and now they are complaining.

Jean-Max Bellerive should shut up and I will continue to ask the international community not to give one dime more to them. Haiti is broke and they should not get any salary from the Haitian treasury.

If they were really good patriots they should volunteer to work with no salary to help Haiti rebuild.

They should resign now and if they continue to complain I will ask the United Nations to set up a provisional government with volunteered people to work on behalf of Haiti and I believe many more overseas will join to help in order to implement changes.

Those crooks will not do anything to alleviate Haitian's misery and suffering.

Beware Bellerive and shame on you for complaining about donation's money and NGOs in Haiti.

Shame on you stupid! And shame on your puppet President too.

Jocelyne K Lebrun, March 5 2010, 11:45 PM

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I agree with you. They should not give them a dime. We should kick them out. read more >
Lambert P. Calixte, 6-Mar-10 2:26 am
I concur with you. metayer read more >
Jean Olibrice, 6-Mar-10 9:21 am
I agree with you that the government should not get a penny from the donations made to the NGOs. But let's clear a... read more >
Yeswecan, 6-Mar-10 10:07 am
Jocelyn, I completely agree that the Preval government should not get a cent. However, I worry that most of the money... read more >
Linda, 8-Mar-10 1:30 am
You are right, but what can we do? With them Haiti became the NGOs' Republic of the world. They should not get a dime... read more >
Linda Alcindor, 8-Mar-10 1:54 am


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