That is exactly the point I was trying to make about some of...

Ude Calvaire - March 5 2010, 4:20 PM

That is exactly the point I was trying to make about some of our people.

The utter disrespect and entitlement of the Haitian society is mindboggling.

The notion that you must ridicule someone else's views because they differ from your view is the first issue.

This oligarchic way of thinking has crippled the Haitian people for two hundred years.

Hence, tyranny only persists in Haiti as a result of such creed.

Have you no shame you inadequate imps?

Misplaced power exists and will persist in Haiti, so long as this radical ideology remains.

I am sorry if you cannot comprehend my point on Wyclef Jean, or did it simply stricken a nerve.

Read my lips, the truth will be told. I am saying it is misleading for anyone to judge their leaders based solely upon feelings.

In fact, we should judge them on their policies and their records.

Your bias and selecting views of the world is simply part of your character since you were conditioned by a uniformitarian ideology.

I forgave you my child.

Moreover, this is the exact reason why the Haitian government and its people have such an authoritarian axiom.

They whisper why bother keep our commitments to the people?

Hell, they will fall for the same illusions again.

George Santayana stated "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to fail." Why can't the Haitian people learn from the custom of many puppet leaders who seems to only be concerned with their own interest?

Why can't the Haitian people stop killing each other at home or abroad?

Have we forgotten our founding fathers preached "LUNION FAIT LA FORCE?" The point is, Wyclef's music is violent and promotes a gangster mentality.

Why would you care about Haiti?

Young men are being conditioned to disrespect the Haitian woman and antagonize the rule of law. Thus, Wyclef is contributing to the bloodshed and rape of our Haitian citizens.

True Haitians are not brought up that way. Our grandparents thought us to respect our elders and to help our neighbors.

When did it become normal to promote these unwarranted ideas to our Haitian youth?

You must realize at the end of the day, Wyclef goes home to his mansion and our people are left demolishing each other.

You claim I am stupid?


I am a Haitian male who came to the U.S. at the age of thirteen and is now well on the way of getting my college degree.

You see people like you who criticize others and focus on simple things always miss the larger view. I must tell you whoever you are, I do not need your endorsements nor do I care to know your credulous propaganda.

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