Debt cancellation & return of our stolen assests & properties

Pierre F. Lherisson - March 5 2010, 1:51 AM

Haiti vibrant opulence and glorious history was quelled mainly by international conquistadors who formed geopolitical alliance against Haiti.

Those conquistadors are manipulating the electoral process in Haiti to impose unpatriotic government to our homeland so they could continue to rule by proxy.

That is why the usurpation of La Navase territory in 1857 by the US and the monies stolen during the US occupation of Haiti in 1915 are almost forgotten.

We want back our stolen properties and assets.

While the world is focusing on the causes of poverty in Haiti, it is an opportune moment to press for the return of La Navase and other stolen assets.

Haiti could earn a few million US dollars yearly by using La Navasa as a tourist attraction.

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Add up also in your search the book by John Perkins: THE SECRET HISTORY of the AMERICAN EMPIRE.

He is the author of another well known book named: CONFESSION OF AN ECONOMIC HIT MAN.

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