Why Haitian Niggers are so adamant with French

Yves Salamanque - March 2 2010, 8:14 AM

I am Yves Salamanque, the guy who brought up the subject of "No french is spoken in Haiti"a year ago. I remember a lots of you Nigg, this peasant Tiba and so many more were willing to commit suicide when I say that.
But what they did not understand is I here in Amiens, France where I have worked with those loud and ugly niggers I saw first hand that they could not speak French even when they claim they finish high school.

Why is it not possible to say well, for sure the Haitian Niggers do not speak french and I believe the anatomy of their mouth and the malnourrished form of their accent do not allow it either
I suggested to learn creole and then learn french so they do not try to mix those two creole and less creole or broken french.

The problem of the Haitian nigger is they are fake, superficial and when they speak this creole thing they have a tendency to add two words of french, wrongly pronounced and then they claim they speak french
The other bad thing is when they come here in France they do not do nothing to try to learn.

They refuse to learn modesty and intellectual curiosity to forget this garbage they speak in Haiti and learn please the french language.

There is another group of light skin Niggers among them that is even worse.

They use the broken, never evolved, stupid jargon they balbutient to make a difference between them and their other dark skin niggers
Quite frankly those niggers are the worse ones we have here in France

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Carline P.s. Desrosiers, You are really brain dead...


206 Years of Haitian History: Only 15 speak Frenc

After 206 years of History, we have only 15% of Haitians that speak French. That is a shame. Haiti has been excluded...

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Yves Salamanque I did promise myself to never respond...

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