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Jerome Geevarghese Says...

DRC has already landed to Haiti within 36hrs after the quake also have imported machineries and i think have given subcontract to a Dominican company.

Ashbritt is waiting for the answer.

They get enough machinories from DR for cleanup process.

As you know US or UN go for qualified companies they dont go for low cost even if it cost double the actual cost they still go with a reputed firm. So for you i think it will be better to wait and see who gets the fish and submit a sub contract deal.

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Chris I Have Visited The Site Of DRC And See That They Have The Enough Machinory To Do The Job Have Already Made The Portable Toilets,Have Enough Generators.And I Didn't Say That They Will Get It But I Feel They Might... Jerome Geevarghese 03/01/2010
Jerome, How Do You Benefit For DRC Getting The Contract? You Are A Medal Company In South Florida. It Should Be Put Out To Bid Not Just Given To Someone. And DRC Has Resereved A Vessel Out Of Alb. But There Is No... Chris Glenn 03/01/2010
Naked Truth No Individual Have The Capacity To Have It.And No Organisation Would Do It Free For Haiti.Everyone Looking For Their Own Business.What I Feel It Will Hopefully Go To DRc As They Have Already Been In Haiti... Jerome Geevarghese 03/01/2010
Well That's Good Put The Dominican Company And There People To Work In Haiti That Make A Lot Of Sense. As I Do Know It Is Based Of Of The Lobbiest That DRC And Ashbritt Have In D.C. But At The End Of The Clean Up Haiti... Chris Glenn 03/01/2010
U Misunderstood Not All The Haitians Are Corrupted There Are Still Some GOOD HEART Inthis Country. Jerome Geevarghese 03/01/2010
DRC Has Already Landed To Haiti Within 36hrs After The Quake Also Have Imported Machineries And I Think Have Given Subcontract To A Dominican Company.Ashbritt Is Waiting For The Answer. They Get Enough Machinories From... Jerome Geevarghese 03/01/2010
So Where Is Asbritt And DRC Getting There Equipment From? The U.S. Is The Answer And Order To Get It There They Have To Ship It And That Takes Time And I Look At All Vessels Leaving Any Port Along The East Coast And... Chris Glenn 03/01/2010
Dear The Actuall Problem Is It Will Cost Millions Of Dollars Which Hatian Govt Cannot Afford Right Now And Most The Organization Wont Trust The Hatian Community Because Of Corrruption And Also Lack In Experience.Right... Jerome Geevarghese 03/01/2010
That Is The Problem They Are Not Telling Anyone How To Get The Contract For Cleaning And It Will Take About 3,000 Dump Trucks To Clean The Port And It Should Be Done My Hations Not The U.S. Contractor Who Going To Take... Chris Glenn 03/01/2010