Out of ideas: Elections Presidentielles

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I wish one day the president job could be a non paid job like Israel.

Haitians are sick of being president just to steal and become rich. We have a political mess in Haiti with almost two hundred political parties that need to be fixed.

No president ever made a decree to end those political parties as suggested and created by Aubelin Jolicoeur (political pluralism that was his idea) under Duvalier's presidency.

We need the state of Haiti to create three political parties to serve all Haitians.

Those three parties should be financed by the state through taxpayers' money.

We should levy taxes on anything to finance economic project developments in Haiti as well as financing those three political parties.

The state of Haiti should organized those parties in a way to represent the true interests of the Haitian people.

We should reduce the size of the Haitian government to 3% and allow the private sectors to create jobs on behalf of the Haitian people.

We must end the socialist or communist type country system that we have now by a truly capitalistic country.

We should encourage free market and competition at all levels to bring sanity, dignity and humanity to the Haitian people.

That is the only way to end public bureaucracy, technocrat thieves and corruption in Haiti.

We should eradicate our patriarchal system that tends to discriminate women and prevent them from being employed in many sectors of the Haitian economy.

We should opt for equality between men and women.

We should educate men to consider women as equal partners in marriage and not as their restaveks or domestic partners.

We should buy equipments such as laundry machines, gas range stoves, good irons and other kitchen appliances to make household duties easy for all. We should create a lot of democratic institutions to watch over the Haitian society for the public good of all...

We should educate all Haitians in Creole, the language of the majority and not in the language of a minority of 15% of Haitians to eliminate illiteracy rate in Haiti like in Cuba or Dominican Republic.

One language would bring unity and no one will take advantage over another one for using a colonial language.

French is not a Haitian language, but the creole is due to the 100% of Haitians speak Creole.

We must return the name of Haiti to its original name as Ayiti, the Tainos' name meaning Mother earth and mountainous land. Creole is ranked 31st among the world languages and we should educate our children in Creole and it should be the only official language of Haiti like English is the official language in the United States over 15% of Spanish speakers in America.

We must seek unity by using one language at all levels...

We should create a volunteer government in this time of crisis for 2 years to implement reform on behalf of Haiti before we make elections in this country.

We must reform first and next we will organize elections to prevent a corrupted system to continue in Haiti.

Once we eliminate the salary idea for the presidency no one will be interested in becoming president in Haiti anymore.

The unpaid president can have another job outside of the government to have a salary and by doing so he will watch over his cabinet and all other ministerial functions.

I wish they could implement those ideas in Haiti...

Mathieu Derisse, February 27 2010, 10:55 PM

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