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Linda - February 25 2010, 11:33 AM

Dear Elizabeth Benoit and George, the arguments that all three of make shows exactly why Haiti can't progress.

All three arguments come from a narrow vision of what you need for just the group that you represent.

Elizabeth argues that the poor people that camp there should not be moved, and that it does not matter that the school is not rebuilt.

Benoit argues that the students and parents of that particular school should be protected from a lack of education and should have their schools rebuilt.

Shaka Zulu says that that particular school is for a type of students that should not be cared for, so forget the school.

Elizabeth only cares about the poor who are in the camp. It does not occur to her that in all societies good schools that have been around since the beginning of a nations history should be protected, as it is those schools that will ensure the quality of the nation's future leaders.

All Elizabeth wants to do is complained about the group that she has chosen to champion, instead of looking for another sight that might be appropriate for her group to move to, she's going to insist that they stay in a spot that needs to be rebuilt expediently.

There are plenty of empty spaces in Haiti, all the government has to do is pay the right people for the use of their property to move those people to a safe new location.

Benoit fails to take into consideration any group but the one he's defending.

Benoit argues that you cannot make a strong group weak by strengthening another.

That is a false premise.

There's no reason why this school cannot wait to be rebuilt.

There's no reason why the school can't temporarily house its students in another location.

It does not occur to Benoit that the life of the poor also need to be rebuilt, otherwise we will go back to a Haiti were only those from the upper-class matter--and the hell with the rest. Benoit fails to notice that the school officials could make it their business to find a safer sight for the people to be moved to.

As for Shaka Zulu, he's too busy getting ready for violence to really bring anything but rhetoric to the argument.

He seems to hate the elite, but all nations have their elites.

It is up to the government to control how much power and greed the elite can gather.

S Zulu seems to want violence more than progress.

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