Haiti: From Slavery to Neo-Slavery Local Elites

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We must fight till the end to liberate 95% of Haitian slaves under the Neo-Slavery Local Elites' rules.

We must stop playing the local elites' blame game conspiracy by accusing Haitians, former presidents and the international community.

Nou pap bwe soup divizyon anko. Nou dwe kouri deye salop kap itilize pretext sa yo. Nou dwe atake elit Ayisyen an pou nou ka chanje kondisyon soufrans pep la. We will not dance with those plotters and conspirators anymore.

We must fight internal oppression and neo-slavey as imposed by the local Haitian elites.

Si andan pa vann deyo pa ka achte.

The international is conspiring against us because the local elites want it and both consider us a new slaves, period.

Revolution or strong change is the new order...

The Zulus of Desdunes will make them listen.

Don't worry!

Dessalines The Avenger, February 24 2010, 11:47 AM

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