You need to be more accurate

Robert Magic - April 18 2007, 4:00 PM

There is no racism in Haiti
Color, not a problem in my country
Mulatoes and negroes get together
They are married to each other

My family has different tone of skin
Hated somebody for his skin is a sin
My first touch with racism wasn't in Haiti
It was in 1998 in a well known university

The Haitian people put Aristide on power
He is one of the smartest people out there
Nose, skin color and height do not matter
Titide is loved and appreciated much better

I personally thank him for what he's done
Aristide is seen as one of our back bones
Some people might make fun of him
They are comediens among his team

I heard CDs about his personality
Do not take these things seriously
We have a bunch of funny people
Their works are also acceptable

What do you mean of miseducation?

I misunderstood your explanation
You are covered with lots of hatry
Unfairness exists in every society

There are no white people in Haiti
Anyone who thinks differently is crazy
We are all considered as one nation
Colors don't give any extension

You did not say why agreeing with Fabie
You just talk just to satisfy your fantasy
I urge you to post a better message
The one you posted is out of stage

People show differences everywhere
Problems can't be solved with anger
Most Presidents are not from the city
knowledge puts them head of our society

Education takes some people far away
It decides where one is going to stay
Differences have lots to do with school
Smart people in the world can't be fooled

I don't write like that to scare anybody
As a little boy, I enjoyed doing it daily
Most students handed me a piece of paper
I had to write something for him or her.

robert magic

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