I disagree with you Fabie

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Classism has nothing to do with Haiti
It stays our own way of having fantasy
Smoking and drinking might be for others
We use poetry to make us feel better

How are we going to put classism to rest?

People always like what they can do best
I would certainly appreciate your talent
And push you to the city of excellent

I love being around smart people
Sharing with them the same table
Education always drives me crazy
It remains my main priority

No brother is better than anybody
All Haitians are like one family
We just have a diffrent brain
Unable to take the same train

Everybody can certainly do something
But one guy cannot do everything
We should tolerate each other
Pay some respect to a smart brother

How can we move to better and bigger
If we don't control our own anger
We need to stop being pessimist
Each one of us is seen as nationalist

Knowledge makes some people jealous
Without being recognized or famous
The smart ones are afraid to speak
Some people just make them sick

Uneducated and educated ones love Haiti
No one is considered really too busy
Avoid acting like the hidden enemy
We surely understand your mentality

robert magic

Robert Magic, April 17 2007, 9:00 PM

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Its true, what you said about us the Haitians, we do have this classism that need to put to rest,and move on to bigger... read more >
Fabie, 17-Apr-07 2:45 pm
Classism has nothing to do with Haiti It stays our own way of having fantasy Smoking and drinking might be for others... read more >
Robert Magic, 17-Apr-07 9:00 pm
Our miseducation is responsible for the atmosphere of dependence that is existing in our country.We are still living... read more >
Zabelboc, 18-Apr-07 12:21 pm
There is no racism in Haiti Color, not a problem in my country Mulatoes and negroes get together They are married to... read more >
Robert Magic, 18-Apr-07 4:00 pm
The university's students in Haiti before F Duvaliers were mostly mulatoes,They are responsible for our country... read more >
Zabelboc, 19-Apr-07 7:21 pm
On ne fait que diffuser de la culture etrangere "rap music,anchera.On veut plus promoter la musique haitienne.Les... read more >
Zabelboc, 19-Apr-07 8:44 pm
You better stop complaining What you've said has no meaning Mulatoes are responsible for nothing More than negroes... read more >
Robert Magic, 19-Apr-07 9:55 pm
La culture haitienne doit etre diffusee Pas mal de nos musiciens sont ignores Reginald Polycard et Boulot valcourt... read more >
Robert Magic, 19-Apr-07 11:26 pm
Zabel I am blaming you. Because if you heard something like that you should have murdered him. You should have spilled... read more >
Boiling In Texas, 20-Apr-07 1:00 pm
I'm not complainaing,i'm just a messager trying to get our vehicle to another route. Everything that i said are based... read more >
Zabelboc, 24-Apr-07 2:35 pm
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