you are soo pitiful... there are noo words to describe you...

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THERE ARE NOO WORDS TO DESCRIBE YOU! PEAUX L'ANVE! Vous etes probablement un campagnard n'ayant jamais laisse le village ou vous avez grandi.

In fact, you probably just learning about computer use at the village's cyber cafe. AFRICA ..

YES, this is where we originate.

A continent full of history, culture and beauty.

So, calling us africans or balck is suppose to be an insult

By writing this piece of "sonnet", you just unveil your origins, and your level of education or should I say, your lack of.


Ginou Cyrille, February 13 2010, 9:22 PM


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YOU ARE SOO PITIFUL... THERE ARE NOO WORDS TO DESCRIBE YOU! PEAUX L'ANVE! Vous etes probablement un campagnard n'ayant... read more >
Ginou Cyrille, 13-Feb-10 9:22 pm
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Calypso Pinson, 14-Feb-10 12:11 am
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Ginou, 14-Feb-10 12:18 am
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Cal, 14-Feb-10 12:23 am
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Ginou, 14-Feb-10 12:31 am
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The Dark Knight, 14-Feb-10 5:46 am
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Kiki, 14-Feb-10 8:43 pm
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Marie, 15-Feb-10 12:07 am
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Jocelyne K Lebrun, 5-Mar-10 11:25 pm
My very dear Patry is a PEARL. My Ancestors shed their blood to guarantee that I live in a free and independent... read more >
Carole, 6-Mar-10 1:41 pm
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