Ass, Your member ID says it all. It fits you very wonderfully...

Tiba - February 13 2010, 7:42 PM


Your member ID says it all. It fits you very wonderfully.

How could come on here trash talking Linda when you don't know squart about her?

What makes you think she has not done much for Haiti that you, your partner Jack, and all of your batriba family put together?

Last time I checked the Christians were committing all kind of attrocities in Haiti.

They were raping Haitian women and children in broad day light.

They were inpregnating Haitian girls every day. The so-called Christians represent the greatest danger to Haiti.

These are a bunch of wolves in sheep's clothing.

This is a direct reply to: Mr jack there is no better person that God. we trust...


Qiestion about your Country

I have been coming to Haiti for 11 years. Have you ever thought about turning to to Christ for help? Respectfully! Jack

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