Preval voye wanga sou Clinton

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Rumor as it the reason why cousin Bill Clinton went to the hospital for his heart condition it is because that drunk Preval and his cronies "voye yon kout wanga sou li, yon poude mo, to be exact."

It has not been confirmed yet. However, I have been in contact with the Haitian Boko Association (HBA) and no one from the organization has denied or confirmed the allegations.

I am on top of it and will keep you all informed as new information become available.

Clinton better keep his black *ss away from Haiti for now until I get down the bottom of that crap otherwise he could find his sorry flaky self working in Preval banana plantation in Marmelade.

See you all later.

I gotta split now!

Tiba, February 13 2010, 12:41 PM

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