The Immigrant Elites of Haiti

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Bill Clinton was at Mews'House for his last visit in Haiti.

He went to talk with the big bosses of Haiti, the ones that we call the invisible patrons of Haiti.

The ones that are passing orders to the parliament, chamber of commerce, Cour Superieure Des Comptes, and to all Chefs of services before reaching out the current puppet president.

All those offices are getting orders from Mews, Brandt, Madsen, Biggio, Accra, Brown and others to name a few. They are all Middle Eastern, Italian, Jamaican, German immigrants in Haiti and they are controlling our economic resources for their own benefits.

It is sad to have those outsiders controlling our destiny.

If they were Haitians Haiti would look a different country.

They are humiliating us by creating two capitals in a country that has not a federal system.

Both capitals were very close, but they had different management style.

The Petionville Capital was well served and a document coming from Petionville would look like the same as a real French document from France or Quebec whereas a document issued from Port-Au-Prince, the second capital, looks like trash.

Don't you see Whites in the U.S. media talk more about Petionville and Jacmel than any other parts of Haiti.

Racism got involved here due to the facts that we have more light skinned Haitians in those two towns.

Whites impose racism on us by using light skinned Haitians to discriminate dark skinned Haitians in terms of services and employments in the whole country.

When Mews, Brandt, Madsen, Accra, Biggio and Brown are talking about the dark skinned Haitian people with White representatives, they always state that dark skinned Haitians are lazy, corrupted and suspicious people.

We are lazy because we let them rule over us for so long as foreigners and we do not kick them out of this country as self-enriching immigrants in this country.

Haitians need to be organized to control this self-enriching immigrant elite in Haiti.

Haiti should run by Haitians at all levels.

We must take over this country and bring down this bourgeoisie and send them back to their countries such as Syria, Lebanon, Italy and Germany to name a few. We are being ruined by an immigrant elite in Haiti.

They are crooks and we should hold them accountable...

Dessalines The Avenger, February 12 2010, 7:59 PM

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