Emergency Shelters before the Storms

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William Passas
206 Peddlers Road
Guilford, CT 06437

February 8, 2010,

Dear Mr. President,

I have tried various ways to get to the White House and others with a program that can help the Haitian people for the pain and suffering to come. After failing to get any answer I an going to broadcast my ideas.

This is what we need and what we need to do.

1. What are the requirements?

a. Immediate
i. Water
1. Seems to be poor but a lot of fractured help so far.
ii. Food
1. Poor.

Needs a lot of Meals ready to eat. Can the production be increased and delivered.

iii. Medical attention
1. Tent Hospitals.

Good but what happens next?

There will be a desperate need for strong facilities.

Only the Navy can do that until new facilities are built.

Get more ships there.

iv. Shelter
1. OK.

Tents, tarps, duck tape?

When the rain comes and the wind in Hurricane season, What happens next?

2. How do we really help?

a. No one is in charge.

Granted they are a sovereign government.

The U.S. should ask, based on the emergency that we have, after consultation with the Haitian government, ask that the U.N. approve that the U.S. become the protectorate of Haiti for five years.

Put the U.S. Coast Guard in charge.

Admiral Allen?

b. Water
i. That the U.S. Corp. of engineers be authorized to relocated people from shanty towns and clear roads where they can provide drainage, water lines and adjacent sewerage facilities.

c. Shelter,
i. Along those roads the Corp will position seagoing trailer pods, steel shipping containers that have been filled with supplies delivered to Haiti and offloaded.

Trailers sufficient and forklifts sufficient to position the containers as temporary housing on those roads.

Paint the top with white or silver paint to reflect the sun. Cut a hole in the roof and fit a skylight for light and air. (Create American Jobs for Pella, etc. ).

Inside the big steel security doors, fit a sliding glass door, (Create American Jobs).

ii. Use FEMA rejected trailers as centers for distribution of water, latrines, food, and medical minor help. Get them there! Yes they may not be used as live able units but, what is the alternative?

3. People need jobs.
a. When a male comes for food, water or shelter.

Ask, what are your skills?

Whatever, tell him you have a job. You have a job!
b. Clearing streets.

Recycling rebar, bricks, wood etc. Rebuilding the water system.

Providing electricity, sewerage treatment plants.

Give them a job and then figure out how to use them, Say, Report to the port (or wherever) to help move water, food or shelters.

$5 dollars a day. Here is your first days advance.

Show up. Use them to repair the Port and move supplies, build shelter, give them useful work.
c. Get drivers.

Get Trucks.

Get tractors, bulldozers, etc. But give people something to use to clear the devastation.

If there is a property ownership problem?

declare that the government will settle later.


Provide shelter, services.

d. Get people into the fields.

Plant food crops and pay them.
e. Create a seafood industry.

Get someone to build a freezing plant to buy and package fish for export.

f. Open some new hotels and teach people hospitality trades.

g. Get people to build condos with fractional ownership where people can own property and employ people.

4. Put shipping containers everywhere.

The people will find ways to use them. They sit next to Newark Airport twenty high over acres and acres.

Cheap shelter, steel, waterproof, wind proof if anchored down with auto axels.


William Passas, February 12 2010, 2:54 PM

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