Peinder Luctamar, You said "Me Peinder Luctamar i live in NY...

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Peinder Luctamar,

You said "Me Peinder Luctamar i live in NY, on the behalf of every Haitian."

Well, Mr. Peinder Luctamar, I would ask you to hold your horses and cool it because you seem to be hallucinating.

Who are those Haitians that you live in NY on the behalf of?

I am certainly not one of them. You maybe be living in NY to eat hot dog, chicken wings, hamburgers, and drinking kool-aid, but not on my behalf.

Nonetheless, I am in full agreement with you that Bill Clinton doesn't owe Haiti sh8t and didn't have to do sh8t for Haiti.

Contrary to popular belief, Haitians need to understand the full reality about our country, Haiti, and that is nor Bill Clinton, UN, US, Canada, France, or the rest of the international community owes Haiti sh8t and doesn't really have to do sh8t for Haiti.

It is time that Haitians understand that Haiti belongs to Haitians and it is Haitian responsibility and obligation to get the uper hand of their own freaken country.

It is time that Haitians get rid of INCOMPENTECE and MEDIOCRITY, stop "faire etalage de connaissance" but instead start using their intelligence, brains, wisdom, and common sense to rebuild their country and provide for their citizens.

Granted, in the midst of working hard to shape up our nation, Haiti, all foreign aid/contribution, and help will be gracefully welcome.

But Haitians need to stop relying on the master to fix their country for them knowing fully that the master has malicious intentions against their country, Haiti.

Are you telling me the Haitian government is too poor to afford 250 tents, as shelter, to all of its people, but is depended ont the master to provide those tents to these Haitians sleeping in open field?

Are you kidding me?

Does anyone think what could happen to these homeless people once it starts raining?

You mean to tell me the elite cannot help the country, the people, in sucha time of urgent need?

On second thought, I am wondering if there is any of the elite left in Haiti since the earthquake.

They all maybe left Haiti and living happily somewhere in the world and pretend that they had never lived in Haiti sucking the blood dry out of the Haitian people.

We, Haitians, gave the full control/governance/and everything else Haiti has to the master.

They did not come in and took it from us by force.

We need to balme ourselves for our weakness to say no to the master and for our profound loyal to always please the master even if it is to detriment of our country and our families.

This is what we do. We are a nation of "Yes Massah."

Tiba, February 12 2010, 7:56 AM

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