RE: Bill Clinton And Haiti's Syrian/Lebanon Elites

Peinder Luctamar Says...

You are one ungraceful son of a gun. Mr. Clinton don't have to do sh...t for Haiti.

We Haitian should thanking God that someone cares.

Me Peinder Luctamar i live in NY, on the behalf of every Haitian; I would like to think everyone, every nation, or country who help us. May God Bless you all. Bill Clinton we love you

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Nadege, Obviously You Cared, Since You Addressed Both Your Posts Directly To Me By Using My Blog Name. And The Fact That You Feel A Need To Curse On A Blog That Has Several Kids Posting On It Definitely Says Something... Linda 02/13/2010
Nadege, I Wish I Had Been Able To Read The Rest Of Your Post, But I Stopped Reading Once I Encountered Your \"F" Word. You See, My Brain Has Been Condition To Immediately Shut Out People Who Use Words Like That, Because... Linda 02/13/2010
You Are An Amazing Blogger And You Made Me Laugh While Reading Your Posting, But You Know It Is Sad To Have A Drunkard Person Runs A Country Like Haiti. I Refrain Myself From Not Criticizing His Regime, But I Am Taking... Mathieu Derisse 02/12/2010
Zac "I Saw Preval Weeping Today And For The First Time I Felt For The Man. I Hope He Does What Is Best For The Country From Now On To The Best Of His Ability" (Zac). C'mon, Man! You Know Better Than That! Preval Was... Tiba 02/12/2010
Bonjou Nadege, Let Me Tell You Something Sister, I Consider Myself An American And A Haitian. From My American Point Of View I Like And Trust Bill Clinton To Do What's Best For Me As An American Just As I Do Obama. I... Zac 02/12/2010
Nadege, I Appreciate Your Input, But The Foul Language Distracts Me From Focusing On Your Argument. Replacing The Foul Words With Meaningful Ones Gives Your Argument More Legitimacy. That Does Not Mean That You Can't... Linda 02/12/2010
For 206 Years, It's Been A Constant Struggle For Haitians And We Must Not Ignore That Fact. The Only Haitians That Are Allowing The Masters To Destroy Haiti Is The 1% Elite Which Aligns With The US / Canada / France ... Nadege 02/12/2010
Ladies & Gentleman Lets Keep This Blog Civil They Might Be Children Reading This. Although They Curse As Well But, We Don't Need To Let Them See That. I Am Also Aware It Is Frustrating To Read Some What Some Of These... Joe 02/12/2010
Peinder Luctamar, You Said "Me Peinder Luctamar I Live In NY, On The Behalf Of Every Haitian." Well, Mr. Peinder Luctamar, I Would Ask You To Hold Your Horses And Cool It Because You Seem To Be Hallucinating. Who Are... Tiba 02/12/2010
You Are One Ungraceful Son Of A Gun. Mr. Clinton Don't Have To Do Sh...T For Haiti. We Haitian Should Thanking God That Someone Cares. Me Peinder Luctamar I Live In NY, On The Behalf Of Every Haitian; I Would Like To... Peinder Luctamar 02/11/2010