Filligent Hong Kong-NCI Bio Maks Donations

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Filligent Limited Hong Kong is donating Thousands of Bio Masks to the Haitian medical, rescue and all other relief workers while in their mission to help restore Haiti!
The Bio Masks can help save many lives by killing bacteria and inactivating 99.9% of viruses in less than 1 minute and one mask will protect for 12 hours.

If there was ever a need for this type of is now due to the health risks in the the aftermath of this horrible earthquake that has devastated that nation.

Filligent's CEO Melissa Mowbray d' Arbella will be traveling to Haiti along with Mr. Alex De la Cruz /New Century International in Miami this month to asses donation needs and the recipients of the to be pledged donations.

By posting this message it is our intention to notify relief workers in Haiti or those traveling on a mission to Haiti that these masks are available and will be assigned as donations to missions that request them such as medical teams, rescue workers, police, fire, demolition crews and many others.

It is our pledge that at this time of need...

we are standing together with Haiti in the pursue of helping rebuild the country.

New Century International, February 11 2010, 10:53 PM

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