That is a threat! Because your government is helping, its...

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That is a threat! Because your government is helping, its citizen, or anybody including the missionary have the right to remove children illegally from the country?

You bastards had been long telling the world how lawless is Haiti.

Your first words are always the same " lawless, poverty stricken country, etc. Now the lawless country is questionning the intent of the missionaries behind helping the helpless, and the legallity of removing these vulnerable children, you get the nerves to make threat of cutting help! Go ahead, sick bastard! go and continue your evil campaign of destruction started since the birth of our nation, Go stupid creature, go and continue the evil work of some missionaries who always present and continue to present a grim picture of Haiti and its people just for more donations!, what make you think that haitian children are different from the other children of the world?

why don't you admit that America is one of the country where children are brutally amd sexually abused by perverts such aspriest and minister and many american professionals to be found later bury in your landfills and marshes?

we retain the right to protect our children from sexual vultures like you. We must and will detain those who may illegally take children and deliver them later as sex objects or servants, or "modern slave" to you a "donation"!
America is a good country.

most of its citizen have a good heart; We appreciate their help in time of need but natural disaters are a reason to let go free those who are doing illegal business like children trafficking oin the name of helping them. Let the "lawless" country starts to rebuilt itself by enforcing its laws: keeping and jailed those found guity of child traffiking...You little missionaries if found guity should be jailed and treated like everuy other prisonners! I swear they won't do what they did in anty other country.

Your post clearly shows the "american arrogance" at ist best!Do you get it?


Ti Malice, February 11 2010, 10:25 AM

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That is a threat! Because your government is helping, its citizen, or anybody including the missionary have the right... read more >
Ti Malice, 11-Feb-10 10:25 am
Hey J Mel, I had a good laugh at your message. Actually, I'm still laughing. I'm laughing because I can actually see... read more >
Linda, 11-Feb-10 2:24 pm
Lol, Linda that was quite a punch! I wanted to say something similar but I'm trying to remain positive over the next... read more >
Zac, 11-Feb-10 5:31 pm
I agree with you that Haitians should be themselves as claimed Dr. Price Mars. Our local elites and the White men are... read more >
Guirlene C. Baron, 11-Feb-10 5:36 pm
Zac, our brothers and sisters in Haiti don't know any better. You can't blame them for not knowing; you have to blame... read more >
Linda, 11-Feb-10 5:42 pm
I just checked Dr. Price Mars' books on my goodness, this is Highway robbery his books are outrageously... read more >
Zac, 11-Feb-10 5:54 pm
My responce wasn't a threat!! You obviously took it the wrong way I don't believe I said any were in my blog its ok to... read more >
J Melchor, 11-Feb-10 6:05 pm
Hey Zac, you're probably looking at an early edition. Try to get one of the new reprints; it should be about $30-40. read more >
Linda, 11-Feb-10 7:02 pm
Please realize if we were in your situation I would be upset at our government too, so please don't mistake my concern... read more >
J Melchor, 11-Feb-10 10:39 pm
J Melchor, I find your arrongance to be the size of Canada. Please don't let it get over your pea head to the point... read more >
Tiba, 12-Feb-10 8:27 am
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