J Mel let me get this straight; maybe I'm wrong but it seems...

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J Mel let me get this straight; maybe I'm wrong but it seems to me that you're threatening the Haitian people.

Please God let me be wrong! It can't be. I agree that the kidnapping and child trafficking charges should be dropped because the parents of the children have said that they gave those kids away voluntarily.

But the Haitian government needs to make it clear that anybody who tries to remove children out of Haiti without proper documentation will face jail time. J Mel Haiti maybe a poor country but it doesn't mean that you missionaries can come in and violate our laws. If this is your attitude then we don't need your help. Trust me we will do fine without it we Haitians are strong.

I'm sure you would have felt differently had it been a group of black Haitians who tried to remove 33 white children out of America without proper documentation.

I read that the judge will release the 10 missionaries today but I hope he and the Haitian government warn American missionaries that we will not tolerate this behavior and that next time people will face serious prison time if they don't have proper documents.

J Mel I'm tempted to throw a few choice words your way concerning the threats you made because I don't know where you get the nerve to come here and speak to my people that way but since Haitians have decided to fast for three days starting tomorrow I want to remain in a pure and positive spirit.

The thieves are at it again! Trying to take away my peace of mind.

Zac, February 11 2010, 8:37 AM

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J Mel let me get this straight; maybe I'm wrong but it seems to me that you're threatening the Haitian people. Please... read more >
Zac, 11-Feb-10 8:37 am
That is a threat! Because your government is helping, its citizen, or anybody including the missionary have the right... read more >
Ti Malice, 11-Feb-10 10:25 am
Hey J Mel, I had a good laugh at your message. Actually, I'm still laughing. I'm laughing because I can actually see... read more >
Linda, 11-Feb-10 2:24 pm
Lol, Linda that was quite a punch! I wanted to say something similar but I'm trying to remain positive over the next... read more >
Zac, 11-Feb-10 5:31 pm
I agree with you that Haitians should be themselves as claimed Dr. Price Mars. Our local elites and the White men are... read more >
Guirlene C. Baron, 11-Feb-10 5:36 pm
Zac, our brothers and sisters in Haiti don't know any better. You can't blame them for not knowing; you have to blame... read more >
Linda, 11-Feb-10 5:42 pm
I just checked Dr. Price Mars' books on Amazon.com my goodness, this is Highway robbery his books are outrageously... read more >
Zac, 11-Feb-10 5:54 pm
My responce wasn't a threat!! You obviously took it the wrong way I don't believe I said any were in my blog its ok to... read more >
J Melchor, 11-Feb-10 6:05 pm
Hey Zac, you're probably looking at an early edition. Try to get one of the new reprints; it should be about $30-40. read more >
Linda, 11-Feb-10 7:02 pm
Please realize if we were in your situation I would be upset at our government too, so please don't mistake my concern... read more >
J Melchor, 11-Feb-10 10:39 pm
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