We were more secure under the so-called dictatorship of the...

Dessalines The Avenger - February 11 2010, 2:40 AM

We were more secure under the so-called dictatorship of the Duvaliers by the United States than today's date under these stupid MINUSTAH and the current Haitian police.

MINUSTAH is in Haiti to protect wealth and the lives of the local elites of Haiti and nothing else, for they do not want the wealth to be redistributed among all Haitians.

Many Haitians applaude the deaths of those pigs in that earthquake, for they are responsible for kidnapping and violence in Haiti.

I wish the Voodoo priests in Haiti could use some virus powders to eliminate those pigs in Haiti.

With the power of our machetes, we should kill or kick them out. They are shameful people and the more they stay in Haiti, the more homosexual gays and lesbians we will have in Haiti and the more U.S. scientists'viruses will penetrate our soil. Kick those dirty pigs out now...


M I N U S T A H And Preval Are Set Up To Haitians

chief Police Andresol, Colonel Himmler Rebu, Major Danny Toussaint, General Prosper Avril, Colonel Carl Dorelien...

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