Music to my ears, I appreciate the fact that you requested we...

Jr - February 9 2010, 12:56 AM

Music to my ears, I appreciate the fact that you requested we elevate the debate.

Frankly I am tired of these circular disputes about Haiti.

It's usually about pointing fingers and finding culprits.

How about laying out the issues and taking them apart to determine appropriate course of actions towards long term resolutions?

The problem in Haiti is not Preval, they existed before him and will remain once he leaves office.

As you so clearly pointed out, the political process and public administration in Haiti are dysfunctional therefore the president cannot be blamed for a situation that's out of his control, I think we agree on that. It also seems that in Haiti, "In control" is a very difficult position to reach, hence Preval's difficulties.

However, Preval's strength is his foreign policy.

That may make him look like a puppet, but has brought some positive results.

We had American, Canadian and Asian interests in Haiti.

Not only were there investments, but there was also support for the school system, the political system and the public administration.

I think that with the current situation (pre-earthquake) Preval has done the best he could and that is far better than any other leader in the last 100years.

Personally, had it not been the respect I have for the democratic process, I would ask for the cancellation of the next elections, as an Extreme Measure, and keep the current administration in place.

Because although "You will replace him soon", the question remains: With Whom?


Although I believe you totally missed my point; granted I might have not been very clear.

I also believe that the last 3 paragraph of your text were not an answer to my post because:
1- I never said that you were uneducated; rather I clearly stipulated that you were;
2- I remained respectful throughout my post
3- You cannot seriously consider telling me, in the year 2010, in North America, where freedom of speech basically taken for granted, to "Watch my mouth".

Enough for tonight, more tomorrow if you're up to it.

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