You need to research and inform yourself about public...

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You need to research and inform yourself about public administration and political processus to understand the notion of governance before you call for the departure of any president in Haiti.

I cannot blame former presidents and the current president in Haiti when I personally know they never get administrative power within their administration largely controled by the possessing classes in Haiti.

We never accuse the chamber of commerce of Haiti and the Haitian Congress, but we always put the blame on the president.

The Chamber of Commerce is the place to drive reforms and the parliament is another place to come up with strong laws to implement the economic development projects well curtailed by the chamber of commerce.

However, the lack of knowledge in governance and accountability lead us to put blame on president.

If we had a good Haitian Congress largely composed of real educated citizens and middle class citizens we could have real reforms and the hands of the president could be untied, but helas they are bunch of crooks looking for to become members of the Petite Bourgeoisie.

The fact I refuse to call for the forced departure of an elected president like you, you think I am an uneducated and an unprepared person, if there is a person that needs to research about presidency it should be you and not me. You are very far to reach my educational background and you need to watch your mouth before reaching any false judgment.

I want you to elevate the debate with civility and respect to avoid chaotic situation in a country in crisis and you are calling for the departure of an elected president.

It is sad for you and watch your mouth ok...

Tiboule, February 8 2010, 1:18 AM

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