What if?

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What if there are consequenses to our actions...and some that just keep being passed on?

When I heard that the nation Haiti declared Voodoo as it's national religion ...I believe in 2006....I was scared for your nation.

And now a few years later...your nation has gone through so much horror...one disaster after another.

In the old Testement of the Bible...the country of Israel was either blessed or left without God's protection according to what the leader believed.

Have You ever considered changing the national religion of your Nation?

I am a humble believer in the God of the Bible who is the same today as he was in the past. I know that this all sounds very simple...but I believe this act could turn your nation around.

I would be willing to come and talk to you and pray if you would consider this.

Heholdsmylife, February 7 2010, 8:31 PM

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