Hey Toni, I believe that you probably misunderstood about what...

Patricia - February 7 2010, 5:08 PM

Hey Toni, I believe that you probably misunderstood about what the president was saying.

The message is one way for Haitians to get a better life is to help them live overseas meaning by that the United States remain the obstacles to Haiti's economic development.

We can do nothing without America.

They are the big bosses and along with the Haitian elites Haiti cannot be good for Haitians.

We are victims of internal racism and external racist conspiracies.

We know the responsible key players in our abject poverty and we should hold them accountable.

With a stupid Haitian elite and an external conspiracy Haitians cannot get better lives than living overseas.

Haiti will never develop its economy unless it accepts to give up to its sovereignty.

Haitians will never give up to their sovereignty status; therefore, Haitians would never enjoy better life. One way for them to achieve such a goal is to live overseas


haitian politicians are weak

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Very gloomy conclusion Patricia, and perhaps at one...

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