haitian politicians are weak

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what kind of president says "the only way for haiti to get better is for them to go abroad." what's the point of having a president if he can't provide better roads, school, infrastructure.

the country has no laws. people throw trash everywhere.

sa magistrat ap fe nan peyi ya si yo pa ka met loi nan yon peyi. an earthquake took place, yet there is no help. some geophysicists had a conference yet the government provide no training, no help for the people.

you love your alcohol more than helping the country.

you always look drunk.

if you can't control your drinking habit, you have no businees governing.

a student has to go to the capital to attend a good university.

Haiti government needs to have some pride.

you guys do nothing but act arrogant.

shameon you

Toni Noel, February 7 2010, 4:13 PM

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Hey Toni, I believe that you probably misunderstood about what the president was saying. The message is one way for... read more >
Patricia, 7-Feb-10 5:08 pm
Very gloomy conclusion Patricia, and perhaps at one time I would have agreed with it. However, today, most Haitians... read more >
Linda, 8-Feb-10 6:14 pm


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