U.S. Expansionism in the Caribbean Area

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Anthony P. Maingot argues in his book entitled "The United States and the Caribbean: Challenges of an asymetrical relationship" that nations in the Caribbean Region have to be absorbed by the U.S. economic system or lapsed into barbarism.

The name for barbarism in the Caribbean is: Haiti" p.20. Should we accept the United States expansionism as a manifest destiny in the Caribbean Area or confront it?

Can Haiti develop itself as an independent nation or should it open its economy to the U.S.?

As we may notice, the United States represents a threat to Haiti's economy if Haiti refuses to be absorbed by its economy.

We are called barbaric people because we refuse to be colonized by America, a country that we helped secure its independence as well as its purchase of the Louisiana territory from France.

Haiti is a victim of bad American foreign policy in the region and no one wants to help. To enjoy economic progress it seems that we should accept American imperialism as a fact of life. Why did our ancestors fight to grant us the independence that we are all enjoying?

Why should we let U.S. colonize us again?

That is why the Haitian elites should stop ridiculizing us by playing the American elites'game against us, and if they refuse to listen we should come up with our own solution to get rid of them. In our beautiful language creole, one will say this:Si anndan pa vann deyo pa ka achte.

We must step up and defend our country, and if there is a barbaric nation in the world it should be America that refuses to accept others' self-determination rights to live as free people.

We are not barbaric people and Anthony P. Maingot is a barbaric person himself.

We should trace where that stupid racist author lives and teach him a lesson, for a lesson should be taught to him before he understands what is Haitian politics or Haitian history 101. Provide thoughts please...

Mathieu Derisse, February 6 2010, 2:46 AM

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