My dear Friend, in a time of need and distress do not talk...

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My dear Friend, in a time of need and distress do not talk about dignity.

Now, Haitians need foods and they want to rebuild and there is no shame in getting services from the Dominican Republic.

We have helped Dominican Republic in getting its second independence from Spain in 1861 through 1865. We have used arms and many other economic resources to kick out Spain as a European Colonial and Imperial power out of the Island of Hispaniola.

We had helped them through their last earthquake and now it is their turn to help us. Do not talk about lack of dignity from Haitians.

I cannot welcome this comment.

Haitians people are strong, resilient and they are fighting to preserve their self-determiniation rights between imperial powers such as U.S. and France under the conspiracy of the Haitian elites.

We are playing a political blame-game accusations with three sides, but you know we will win at the end.

Haiti is victim of internal and external racism for having 97% of dark skinned people.

Dominican Republic is a little advanced and prosperous due to the fact it has 16% of Whites, 73% mestizos like mulattoes but very different as compared to the ones in Haiti, 11% of Blacks (Resilients and strongs too).

Although the Dominican's whiteness is constested by the Europeans, but Whites in America are well tied with those White Dominicans and they are helping them in developing their country.

The reason that White Dominican is contested is this Europeans do not consider light skinned people from the Iberian Peninsula such as Spain and Portugal as Whites.

They said that their blood is tainted with black blood due to the fact Spain and Portugal were colonized by African Muslims from North Africa especially the Moors for about seven centuries.

They deny them whiteness ethnicity to Spanish to prove throughout history that Whites never were slaves (of) or colonized by other countries.

With those Whites in the lead in Dominican Republic, this country could not be worse than ours. Remember, Whites help other Whites and it was proven after the second world war with all the European countries that were affected in that war. Do you remember that Marshall Plan?

Will America or France come up with a Marshall plan for Haiti?

I doubt it my friend.

Try to understand the issues before blaming Haitians.

Haiti is victim with internal and external racism and I maintain it. We must come up with another social contract to make all light skinned people in Haiti that they are Haitians regardless the color of their skin and they have to stop playing the racism game with other Whites around the world.

Their blood is tainted with the Haitian name and they will not be called otherwise.

They must change their attitude so racism will not play against Haiti anymore.

When Whites realize that light skinned Haitians and dark skinned Haitians treat themselves equally, I bet you they will stay away and they will help or we will kick them out. Light skinned Haitians must know that they are not superior to dark skinned Haitians and when they die there is no superiority.

They must invest the money they have to create jobs and make this country become more beautiful than ever if they want others to love them. If they act like that their presence will be a blessing among all Haitians and Haitians would ask themselves one day this: What Haiti would be if we did not have those light skinned elite Haitians?

They need to know they will not bring money with them when they die, but if they greatly invest it in making their country look beautifully and their names would be remembered forever like Georges Washington, Jefferson and Madisson to name a few. To put racism aside, all Haitians must renounce to self-enrichment mentality and by the way it is a colonial legacy; therefore, we should start thinking about rebuilding than anything else. We must continue to denounce other social issues as Zach mentionned it than racism or ethnic differences to advance Haitian causes which are misery, suffering and unequal treatments as well. To conclude, Haitians have pride and dignity and stop accusing them now.

Mathieu Derisse, February 5 2010, 1:21 PM

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