Mr. Carl Saintaime, if you want to come here and defend Preval...

Zac - February 1 2010, 7:46 AM

Mr. Carl Saintaime, if you want to come here and defend Preval your father, no wait, your brother the loser that's fine, (koman pou'r fe sot pase panyen pesi konsa).

Had Haitians have enough sense they would not have elected Preval for a second term. If Preval doesn't have any political power to get anything done why then did he accept the job.

I guess we go back to what I said before, so he could steal and mismanage whatever resources the country have. Carl Saintaime I'm warning you; back off. Don't come here trying to limit my speech.

I'm sure you may not be used to that but free speech is a God given right.

I don't always play nice.

You keep this up and we gonna have a problem! When you see me write something here you better act like you don't see it. I know my way around the net.

Response to:

Zach,why are you so stupid? You do not say anything...


Pou tout ayisyen ki ta renmen yon ayiti swa pwop

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