In Quake's Wake, Haiti Faces Leadership Void Publicly, the...

Antonioj - February 1 2010, 4:13 AM

In Quake's Wake, Haiti Faces Leadership Void

Publicly, the international organizations here emphasize at almost every turn that they are working under Mr. Préval's direction.

Privately, United Nations and American officials said they did not believe he was up to the task.

Because of concerns about the government's history of corruption and inefficiency, only a fraction of the aid flowing into Haiti is permitted to pass through government channels.

The disappointment in the president seems most palpable.

Judith Marceline, a former nurse who lost everything in the quake but the dirty flowered dress she was wearing Sunday, said that she stood in line for hours to vote for Mr. Préval in 2006. Today she wonders why.


Wake up President Preval!!!!

Wake up!! Your people are dying of hunger and they are in dire need of medical attention...Where have you been? What...

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