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Welcome to the land of the incompetence and mediocrity.

If you scroll the entire message board up and down you would find a message that I posted last year on this issue entitle "Haitians the Most Incompetent People." I took a lot of flack and insults from almost all members of this blog, even to this day.

This catastrophe, however, has validated and proved my argument and finally vandicated me. I am now waiting for an apology from those who were insulting me and calling me all the names for saying what I said.

I hope Haitians learned their lesson from this tragedy.

I hope they learned that emotion and politics do not go together.

I hope, in the next election, the Haitian people will put their emotion aside and use their head/brain to evaluate the candidate's capability, wisdom, empathy, and "le savoir faire", and love for the country before they vote that person into office.

I hope that Haitians will stop voting for candidates based solely on how well they speak French, or what family they are from, or how rich they are, what schools the candidates have attended, and how much they love the candidates or not. These have been the sole criteria/qualifications Haitians have been used for the past 2 centuries to elect a bunch of morons to office.

This tragedy has shown without a doubt that this government is indeed the most incompetent, the worst mediocre government that doesn't trully give a sh8t about the very people they got elected to serve and to protect.

Education has nothing to do with anything here because even the caveman and the monkeys doing flip-flapping on the trees of African jungles would do a far better job serving, protecting, and providing leadership to their people they so desperately need from their learders in this great time of need.

It is disgraceful, humiliating, to watch the Haitian people being abandoned and rejected by their own government in this tragedy.

Watching rescuers pulling Haitians from under the rubble alive after 15 days is just mind blowing.

This type od resiliency, determination, and courage have sent the message loud and clear to their drunk brainless government and to the rest of the world that Haitians don't give up that easily and that they can survive even when they have to do it alone without their government being there for them.

We need to remember all the stigma put on Haitians as eating "mud biscuits" as don't have food to eat, etc. etc....

I hope the world is watching on their television screen and acknowledge healthy babies being pulled from under the rubble after days of the earthquake.

All the children and everybody else look extremely healthy and determine to live on.

I am wondering if Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robinson could live 15 days under the rubble without food and water.

I hope the drug addict Rush Limbaugh, the retarded convalencent Pat Robinson, and the rest of the world learn a big lesson from the Haitian people that they have been made fun of, mocked, and rediculed for so long.

Tiba, January 30 2010, 7:54 AM

Topic: CNN: Wolf Blitzer Expired Food Sent To Haiti

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Damebochie, Welcome to the land of the incompetence and mediocrity. If you scroll the entire message board up and down... read more >
Tiba, 30-Jan-10 7:54 am


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