What? I call a cat, a cat; a dog, a dog; an imbecile; an...

Damebochie - January 29 2010, 4:25 PM


I call a cat, a cat; a dog, a dog; an imbecile; an imbecile, an idiot; an idiot.

As an Haitian who is suffering from the continual incompetencies of my government; I have the right to call everybody names.

They deserve it! Don't they?

All we needed was to hear Preval's voice.

Telling people, who voted in mass for him that's gonna be okay; even if it meant lying to them at that time. People in Haiti are not strong morally, no matter what you've heard.

They need a leader, somebody to explain to them, that the aftershocks are just aftershocks; not another quake.

They need somebody to tell them what they need to do in case of falling buildings.

They need to hear what to do in case it rains in Haiti.

Tell me who's going to tell them?

Who should have told them?

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